Call for 2018: Pasteur Paris University International Doctoral Program

The application process of the 2018 Pasteur Paris University International Doctoral Program is now open. This PhD program is for students holding a Master's degree (or equivalent) in science, medicine or related fields from a non-French University. The deadline for submission is on November 2,2017.
The application process consists of three steps: (i) the candidate must select and be selected by a host laboratory, keeping in mind that each advisor can present only one candidate. ; (ii) applications are filled out by the candidate together with the host laboratory and are submitted by host laboratories. Applications are evaluated by an Admissions committee that selects candidates for an interview at the Institut Pasteur; (iii) these candidates are invited for a four-day interview on the Institut Pasteur campus and present their past and future works to the Admissions committee (see further details at