CDU-CDUH RESEARCH COUNCIL: 5th Nursing Research Forum

One function of the Cebu Doctors’ University – Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital Research Council is to support nursing research, advance nursing practice and promote the implementation of evidence-based practice.  The council supports evidence-based practice projects and helps identify gaps in science that promote scientific inquiry.  The CDU-CDUH Research Council also assesses challenges and barriers to initiating, conducting, and participating in nursing research. 

The ability to conduct research is now becoming a very important skill in this challenging modern time.  An important reason for doing nursing research is to find ways to improve safe and high quality patient care.  Practice in the clinical setting without research is practice based on tradition without validation.  In order to meet social needs, nursing practice must be evidence-based.  Research findings must be disseminated to, and for the benefit of, health care providers, and recipients of health care.

The Cebu Doctors’ University Research Council commemorated its annual Nursing Research Forum on February 11, 2012 at the CDU Amphitheater.  It started with the opening remarks from the Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Ofelia F. Sisno.  The  six research studies by the 4th year nursing students that were presented to the faculty, students, and members of the Research Council were:  The Effect of Turmeric on Facial Acne, Parental Interventions on the Level of Attitude to Care for Physically Impaired Children, Social Acceptance of Adolescents Towards Suspected Drug Addicts, Level of Knowledge on Food Hygiene Among Sidewalk Vendors, Perceived Role in School Among Adolescents with Hearing Impairment, and Effect of Activated Charcoal in Volatile Sulfur Among Smokers with Halitosis.  This forum offered an exciting opportunity for nursing students to be involved at the frontiers of science and nursing practice.  Attendees were not only able to discuss the progress of the conducted research but they also had the opportunity to ask questions during the open forum.  Third year nursing students were welcome at the forum to help give them some insight into conducting research studies.  The presenters were awarded certificates of appreciation for having participated in the 5th Nursing Research Forum.  Dr. Alex Magalona, research coordinator, concluded the event with his words of gratitude to the people who made the event possible. 

Research proves or disproves theories, uncovers new information that leads to changes in the care of the individual, and can be used to develop treatments to provide optimum level of care. To benefit from research, it is essential to communicate outcome of research studies to others.  The 5th Nursing Research Forum was a success because of the dedication of the student researchers, the support of the Research Council, the CDU-CN faculty, the student-organizers and volunteers.


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